Sailing School

Sea Lady Sailing

Sea Lady Sailing's courses follow the authorized training system of Pory - The Association of Sailing Instructors in Finland

Our instructors are authorized by Pory.

Our sailing school's activities include organizing sailing courses and trips , as well as possible charter sailings..

Intensive courses (without an overnight stay on the boat) are mainly organized in Helsinki (usually four days on the water and a separate theory day).

Excursion courses are sailed along the coast and in the Archipelago Sea (at least 4 days). The courses include plenty of different boat-handling exercises, so that the crew's safe skill level is also achieved in landings and departures. 

The courses include 8 hours of theory, which is usually held on a separate theory day before the start of the course.

A competent crew course

Inshore Skipper Course

The coastal skipper course

Outside of the boating season, we organize navigation courses and, if possible, sailings in the Mediterranean..

Customers can also order a trainer for their own boat, in which case training for boat handling is tailored according to their own needs.

We also organize sailing and navigation exams upon request..

Since 2007

Sea Lady Sailing has guided new and more experienced sailors forward in their boating hobby.
Expertly, versatilely, in good company.

The school's name comes from Sea Lady Sailing founder Jaakko Saatsi's previous boat Sea Lady.

Vuonna 2021

Sea Lady Sailing siirtyi Sail FIrst oy:n omistukseen ja pääkouluttajaksi Rio.

Lady courses

Our program also includes Lady courses, where the students are exclusively women. Otherwise, all our activities are intended for everyone.