Handy Mooring

Our product is the HandyMooring mooring method

(patented 2018)



The method enables a controlled and safe landing on the side pontoon jetty or boom places, even alone in all conditions.

The system has been developed and tested in cooperation with Marinetek Oy.

The method is based on the specially constructed HandyMooring bollard, which is installed at the end of the pier or boom, and it is easy to attach the rope to it, even for a beginner.

The initial lashing of the boat is done with a pre-installed spring rope to the center button.

With the help of a rope guide installed on the boat, the rope is attached to the landing bollard without the help of the crew.

The landing bollard can also be installed on the piers in use instead of the outermost mooring handle.

Landing with a two-person crew

demo man
  1. The first rope of the boat is attached to the landing bollard under the guidance of the crew already during the approach without the crew moving to the pier.
  2. The boat stops safely on the side of the pier and stays there supported by the engine power. 
  3. After this, the other ropes of the boat can be attached without haste. Then the motor drive can be removed and the machine stopped.

Going ashore alone, without an assisting crew

demo auto

With the help of the HandyMooring rope guide, which can be installed on the boat, it is safe to go ashore even alone, without an assisting crew.
A spring rope of specific size is installed to hang on the rope guide transversely to the side of the boat, so that it is attached to the landing bollard when approaching the pier.

HandyMooring rope guide

The device is manufactured by Atlantic-Boating.

HandyMooring mooring bollard

Landing bollards are manufactured and sold by Marinetek Oy

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