A competent crew course

A competent crew course is intended for beginners - prerequisites are swimming skills and 15 years of age.

The sailing crew course is intended for beginners who want to become active and competent members of a sailboat's crew. After the course, the participant will be able to handle sails and steer the boat, and participate in daily tasks on deck and inside.

The minimum duration of the course is 32 hours (usually 8 hours of theory, 24 hours of practice, normally four days on the water).

Recommended a separate theory day (65e) is held before the course. It includes e.g. basic knowledge about sailboats and sailing, practicing knots. The rules of the road, the basics of weather phenomena and safety issues are also included in the program of this course.

As learning material for the sailing crew course we use a book Purjehtimaan published by Pory..

More information and booking: (If the description is in Finnish, please enquire if we can offer option in English)

  • Knowledge of nautical vocabulary, boat parts, rigging and sails 
  • Rope handling and knots 
  • Handling sails 
  • Acting in different tasks during departures and landings
  • Steering the boat
  • Basic principles of sailing, setting sails
  • Maritime rules and sighting
  • Weather lessons and awareness of weather services
  • Safety and emergency equipment 
  • Fire prevention and extinguishing 
  • Acting in a man overboard (MOB) situation
  • Information about boating practices, flags and flags, consideration of other boaters and the environment 
  • Participation in general daily tasks both on deck and below deck.