Over night trips

Anyone interested in sailing can participate in sailing excursions without any prior requirements. Excursion sailings are also suitable for additional training for those who have taken the course. With sailings, everyone gets to participate in both sailing and all the chores related to living on a boat. 

In connection with excursions lasting at least four days, you can also complete a sailing or archipelago master course. 

The price includes

The price of excursion sailings includes the cost of the boat, blankets and bedding for overnight stays on the boats and guidance on sailing. The course places include training and the basics of the theory covered in connection with the excursion, as well as textbooks.

  • For those who want a more extensive treatment of the basics, we recommend a separate theory course (65e).
Learning material

As learning material for the sailing crew course we use a book Purjehtimaan published by Pory.. Pory's book is used in the archipelago and coastal management courses Purjeveneen päälliköksi (Becoming a skipper of a sailing boat) as material.. The master's courses include a separate harbor training, if the training cannot be included in the excursion.

Boat cashier

Boat meals and port fees are handled on the boat cash principle, i.e. the total costs are divided equally among the participants.

More information and booking: (If the description is in Finnish, please enquire if we can offer option in English)

Mediterranean trips?

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