Safety from experience  and Shared pleasure from learning


Would you like an opportunity to rent a boat to sail with your friends, despite not having enough experience or competence?

We offer expertise and friendly Skipper Service in the Finnish coast, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

Your skipper and instructor

I'm Jaakko Saatsi and I'll take care that all participants in our sailings will feel safety and have fun. That gives the safety and confidential atmosphere which gives best condition for everyone to learn more skills for our common interesting hobby - SAILING.   

As background I have wide experience about adult education. Our other training areas are safety trainings for aviation, maritime and other safety critical industries (

  • Yacht Master Offshore (Finnish Sailing Federation)
  • Authorized Sailing instructor (Finnish Sailing Federation)
  • International Certificate for Pleasure Craft (Finnish Maritime Administration)
  • Certificate of Commercial Pleasure Craft (Finnish Maritime Administration)
  • Certificate of Coastal and Celestial Navigation (Finnish Navigation Federation)
  • CEVNI Certification (Finnish Navigation Federation)
  • Royal Yacht Association (RYA) training and membership

Please contact us by Email and ask Skipper Service for your needs.

Contact Information

Sea Lady Sailing

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Tel:040 7016649 tai 040 5589482